Embedded System Design Services :

Since the Embedded System is dedicated to specific tasks, design engineers can optimize it, reducing the size and cost of the product, or increasing the reliability and performance. Some embedded systems are mass-produced, benefiting from economies of scale.

We provide a rapid product development process to our clients to stand out in the market amongst all competitors by assisting them to bring new products quickly to the market with highest reliability.

MESCO STDC high-quality, cost-effective, business-focused approach in product design services helps turning customer's concepts into finished product.

  • Embedded Product Design
  • Embedded Hardware Design
  • Embedded Software Design

MESCO STDC provides Product Design Service for both Hardware Prototyping and Embedded Software Development Our Company’s focus is on turning customer's concepts into finished products.

We establish long term associations with the client and work with them for Product Sustenance, Product Maintenance , Product Migration , and Feature Enhancements.

MESCO STDC product development service phases :

  • Product concept analysis
  • Requirement Specification analysis
  • Hardware Prototyping
  • Architectural and System Design
  • Hardware and Embedded Software Development
  • Application Deployment
  • Module Integration and Testing
  • Documentation
  • Product Release
  • Sustenance/Maintenance & Product Migration
  • Feature Enhancement

Embedded Board Design :

1. Ready Hardware Prototypes

  • Feasibility Analysis and Design Options Exploration
  • Schematic Design, Board Layout – Routing
  • Board Assembly, Board Bring-up and Functional Testing

2. Hardware Re-Engineering

  • Redesigning Legacy Systems
  • Cost Optimization and Feature Upgrade
  • Part Obsolesces and Design Enhancements

Embedded Processor based design Services :

Our company offers DSP & Embedded Processor based Design solutions inclusive of Our company offers DSP & Embedded Processor based Design solutions inclusive of Hardware & Software Design. We have developed solutions based on various embedded devices such as Texas Instruments, ARM, Atmel, NXP, Free-Scale for many of our customers. We offer complete Embedded hardware design services as well as software design services, from top-level architecture to assembly-level coding, simulations, testing and support.
We do feasibility analysis, board design, board bring up, develop applications as well as work on the application software user interface. the application software user interface.

Processors :

  • Texas Instruments:C60xx,C54XX ,Cortex Series
  • ARM: TI, Freescale
  • Freescale: Coldfire>
  • NXP: LPC21XX,23XX,AT89V51RD2 series
  • Atmel:AT89C51series
  • Microchip:PIC 16Fxx,PIC 18Fxx,12Fxx series
  • Rabbit Processors:RCM42xx


  • Ucos II
  • Uclinunx

EDA Tools Expertise :

  • Code Composer Studio
  • IAR workbench
  • KeiluVision3
  • Daynamic C

Other Services :

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • System Architecture
  • Product Redesigning/re-engineering
  • Technical trade-off analysis
    • Selection of best suited DSP & Embedded Processor
    • Selection of co-processors and peripheral components on the board
  • Complete Hardware and Software Design & Integration

Device Driver Services :

MESCO STDC specializes in developing device drivers for various devices of different FPGA and processor technologies. Our company has vast experience in writing the driver code to interact with hardware and make the device functions.

MESCO STDC Device Driver Expertise:

Processor technologies:

Networking Drivers : Ethernet MAC (10/100/1000 Mbps), Ethernet Switch (10 /100/ 1000 Mbps)
Storage Driver : EEPROM,NAND (large page, small page), MMC/SD,
Audio Drivers / Video Drivers : Audio DAC
Bus Drivers : I2C, SPI
Off-Chip Peripheral Drivers : I2C supported ICs, SPI supported ICs and EEPROMs, UART, RS485, LCD, Touch screen LCD, Keypad, IR, GPIO, RFID, Barcode, PWM,GSM modem
On-Chip Peripheral Drivers : Timers (Including WatchDog Timer), DMA Engines, Interrupt Controllers, PLL/Clock

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